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FBR Activities & Events

Chairman FBR Chaired Chief Commissioners' Conference of Eight Field Formations of Sindh and Balochistan held at Large Taxpayer's Office, Karachi

Chairman   Federal  Board  of  Revenue  (FBR),  Mr. Asim  Ahmad  visited  Karachi  and remained in the town for three days. He chaired  Chief Commissioners'  Conference   of eight (08) Field Formations  of Sindh and Balochistan  held at Large Taxpayer's  Office, Karachi.  Member  Inland  Revenue  (Operations) Mr.  Amjad  Zubair Tiwana  also accompanied  the Chairman  FBR.

Detailed presentations  regarding  revenue collections for and upto the month of October were  given  by all Chief Commissioners, further outlining  the strategy  for achievement of  budgetary  targets  for  November  and the  rest of the  Financial  Year  2022-23.  The CCIRs' gave workable  strategy  and new avenues for achieving  the  revenue  target for Financial Year 2022-23.

The Chairman FBR directed all CCIRs that all out efforts  must be taken to safeguard Revenue  and to meet the budgetary target fixed for  Financial  Year  2022-23 through intensified Enforcement measures.

Chairman  FBR also held a meeting with Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) at Tax House, Kamal Ataturk Road, Karachi. The President KTBA, Mr. Rehan Jafri  along  with other  members   of  the  tax  bar  were  present.  They raised certain operational and technical issues regarding Iris software relating to filing of returns.  The Chairman FBR assured the bar of early resolution  of the issues as highlighted.  The Chairman FBR also expressed  that  bar and bench together  are the cornerstone for smooth  functioning   of taxation  system  and also acknowledged efforts of KTBA  in this  regard.

Chairman  FBR also visited  KCCI and appreciated  the  contributions  of the business community in achievement of budgetary target upto October, 2022. Mr Zubair Motiwala and other members  of the Chamber  raised various  return-related  issues  and custom duties. Asim Ahmad assured them of early resolution of the issues.


Later  Chairman  FBR  visited  FPCCI  and  met the Office  Bearers  of the  Federation. Issues  regarding  issuance  of  refunds  and  taxes  levied  on  assets  were  discussed. Chairman  assured  the  Federation  of speedy  issuance  of refunds.  Regarding  tax  on assets, the Chairman  stated that the same was a revenue measure  which  is sub-judice before the superior courts.

Member (Customs-Operations) Mr. Mukkarrum Jah Ansari and all  the Chief Commissioners Inland Revenue and Chief Collectors of Customs also accompanied the Chairman  FBR during his visit to FPCCI and KCCI.


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