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FBR Activities & Events


Chairman, Federal Board of Revenue, Mr. Tariq Bajwa, alongwith Mr. Shahid Hussain Asad, Member (IR Policy) and Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Khan, Member (IR Operation) visited Large Taxpayers Unit, Karachi to discuss revenue collection for the month of September, 2013. The meeting was also attended by the Chief Commissioners Inland Revenue LTU, RTO-I, RTO-II and RTO-III, Karachi.

Chairman, FBR directed all the Chief Commissioners to ensure achievement of budget estimates

A meeting was also held between Chairman, FBR and various trade bodies like FPCCI, KCCI, PTA and Pakistan Leather Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Association. The prominent members of the trade bodies like S. M. Muneer, Mr.Mian Zahid Hussain, Mr.Mian Muhammad Ahmed, Mr.Mazhar Nasir, Mr. Shaukat Ahmed, Mr. Shakil Dogra from FPCCI, Mr.Zakaria Usmani, Mr.Nasir Mahmood, Mr.Muhammad Idrees, Mr.Muzafar A Malik, Mr. Siraj Qasim Teli, Zubair Motiwala from KCCI, Habib ur Rehman, S. M. Naseem Mr.Nasim Shafi, from PTA and Mr.Fawad Ijaz Khan, Mr.Asif Rahim, S. Shujaat Ali, Mr.Arif Qureshi from PLGMEA attended the meeting to discuss the matters relating to Sales Tax Returns according to the Finance Act 2013.

The representative of trade bodies pointed out various issues relating to filing of Sales Tax Return and other statements especially with reference to new methodology introduced vide Finance Act 2013. The Chairman, FBR ensured and to resolve issues of the trade bodies.

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