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The Directorate General of Training & Research (Customs), in collaboration with Project Team of WeBOC organized training workshops for different stake holders including officers/officials of Customs as well as trade. These workshops were conducted in the computer laboratory of Directorate General of Training & Research (Customs) in the month of January and February, 2013. The workshops were related to the module of MIS, assessment, warehousing, bonded carrier for Customs Officers and Officials. Three separate workshops were also arranged for private sector including members of KCCI, TDAP and Exporters of Agricultural goods. A total number of 182 participants attended the workshops.
The Directorate General of Training & Research (Customs) organized the workshops keeping in view the vertical and horizontal roll out of the indigenously developed Customs Computerized Clearance System WeBOC. These training workshops covered not only the newly developed modules like modules for bonded carriers and warehousing where external users of the system were invited for training but also included programmes for the roll out of the system to other Collectorates, where the Computerized System has not yet been made operational.
Ms. Rubina Wasti, Director, Directorate General of Training & Research (Customs) Karachi addressed the participants of WeBOC training programmes for Deputy Collectors (MIS), by
highlighting the importance of the Computerized Clearance System for all the stake holders. She stated that for the economic development of the country it is imperative to reduce the time and cost of clearance of goods meant for imports and exports. She emphasized the concept of trade facilitation for the economic well being of the country. She explained that due to changed international practices related to import and export of goods with added emphasis on facilitation of legitimate trade, and protection of government revenue, environment and security concerns, the use of ICT (International and Communication Technology) is the only way forward for Pakistan Customs.
Syed Tanvir Ahmed, (Director Project), WeBOC also addressed the participants of the above mentioned workshops and explained the role of DCs (MIS) in the roll out of the system in those Collectorates where this paper less system is yet to be made operational. He stated that the concerned Deputy Collectors (MIS) should send the hardcopies and other requirements of the Collectorates on urgent basis to the Project Team of WeBOC as the Computerized System will soon be rolled in the remaining Collectorates of the country.
Mr. Abdul Majid Yousafani Additional Director gave a detailed briefing related to the working of WeBOC and the need for the state of the art clearance system. He emphasized that the system is successfully running at the MCC PaCCs and MCC Port Qasim and is aligned with the international best practice. He emphasized that the system enables all users to work efficiently and has reduced the cost and time of business.
From WeBOC PRAL team Mr. Azeem and Mr. Arshad were the focal / resource persons who imparted hands on training to the participants. The workshops were highly interactive and
the participants showed their interest in the functionalities available in the modules. The Directorate General of Training & Research made all efforts to make the participants comfortable to enhance their capabilities by giving them the extensive training regarding WeBOC. The Directorate General of Training & Research aimed to impart quality training to the participants and focused on clarity and accuracy in the use of the system once it is rolled out. On the conclusion of each workshop, certificates were distributed among the participants.
Keeping in view of the importance of the system and need of capacity building for its users, not only from the department but also from private sector and the feedback received from the participants, similar workshops will continue to be the part of the training strategy of this Directorate General. Details are also being chalked out at the Directorate General of Training & Research for arranging further workshops at Islamabad and Lahore on the computerized Customs Clearance to the officials / officers of FBR and the private sector.
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