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Intelligent Video and Surveillance (IVS) Technology

FBR has initiated the process of implementation of the Video Analytics (VA) System. This system will use Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) Technology based software for electronic monitoring of production to automatically identify specific objects, behavior or attitudes in video footage in a non-intrusive and objectively verifiable manner, with minimum human interaction. Through real time data collection this system will assist FBR in obtaining accurate figures for production through object detection and object counting and help in curtailing under declaration by potential tax evaders. The system will be equipped to; detect unscheduled stops; quantitative analyses of productions; and data analytics for required legal actions.

The implementation of the VA System will be a major step towards controlling tax evasion through the use of artificial intelligence and cutting edge technology, in line with evolving modern practices.


Pre-Qualification of Vendors for Authorization to Supply Video Analytics Equipment & Services

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