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99th NMC participants visits FBR

A group of fifty seven senior civil servants participating in the 99th National Management Course (NMC), along with the Rector, Dean and the faculty of the National School of Public Policy (NSPP) visited FBR House, here today.
The group was welcomed by Member Facilitation & Taxpayers’ Education (FATE) Mrs. Riffat Shaheen Qazi. She briefed the visiting officers and faculty of NMC about the organizational structure, working and revenue collection performance of FBR. She also highlighted the challenges faced by FBR and the way forward to resolve these issues.
Member Customs Mr. Nisar Muhammad Khan and Member (IR-Policy) Mr. Shahid Hussain Asad also briefed the visiting officers on the working of their respective wings.
The Chairman FBR Mr. Tariq Bajwa, in his comments, gave a brief outline of the various policy and operational challenges faced by FBR and highlighted the strategies adopted by FBR to address these issues. He also discussed the major initiatives of FBR to enhance revenue generation through audit and enforcement initiatives and efforts broaden the tax base. He highlighted the measures being adopted by FBR to improve the tax to GDP and reduce the tax gap in the coming years.
The briefing was followed by a detailed Questions & Answers session. The NMC participants freely asked questions which were candidly and frankly responded to by the Chairman FBR Mr. Tariq Bajwa himself.
At the end of the Q&A session, the Rector National School of Public Policy Mr. Muhammad Ismail Qureshi thanked FBR for providing the participants of NMC with an opportunity to interact with FBR’s top management and to understand the grass-root issues facing the country’s economy and the revenue collection system. Appreciating the performance of FBR under the incumbent Chairman, he said that it is the need of the hour to adopt and promote tax culture at every level of the society.
Chairman FBR Mr. Tariq Bajwa and Rector NSPP Mr. Muhammad Ismail Qureshi exchanged institutional mementos.

Mohammad Shahzad
Secretary PR
Oct 29, 2013
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