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Afghanistan evinces interest in Pak tax reforms

Afghanistan has shown keen interest in the reforms process under way in Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) with a view to using the reforms as a model to revamp its own taxation system.
The interest was shown by Dr Ahmad Shah Zamanzai, Director General of Afghanistan Revenue Department, who led a delegation of senior Afghan tax officials during a visit to the Regional Tax Office (RTO) Lahore.

The visiting delegates said the Pakistani experience of tax reforms was interesting enough for them to look at it and see how it could be helpful in undertaking similar reforms in their country.
During the visit, Khawaja Shaukat Ali, Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue Regional Tax Office Lahore, briefed the delegation about the reform process and the milestones achieved in this regard. He also explained the working of Regional Tax Office on functional basis with reference to Audit, Enforcement with support functions of Legal, Tax Facilitation & Information processing. The steps taken by the Federal Board of Revenue and Regional Tax Office to facilitate the taxpayer through setting-up of facilitation desk, online facilities available, and establishment of kiosks in commercial areas were also explained. The delegates showed keen interest in the achievements of Regional Tax Office, Lahore, asking pertinent questions about the Pakistani tax experience and how it could be replicated in Afghanistan.

Later on the delegation visited various floors of Tax House and viewed ongoing work. The delegation also visited data entry centre (DEC), record room and saw demonstration by the officer in this regard. The delegates appreciated the facilities of e-filing, NTN, STRN, Refund Receipt Counters and Reception Counters available for the taxpayers and visitors.

Hamid Raza Wattoo
Secretary PR
Feb 20, 2010
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