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customs intelligence siezed RS. 128.32 million worth of smuggled/contraband goods including drugs

Directorate General Intelligence & Investigation of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has detected 92 cases of seizure of smuggled/contraband items having CIF value of Rs. 128.32 (million) during the month of May, 2011. The seized goods include 1.0 kg heroin, 197 kg hashish, 1.75 kg opium, 52 vehicles NDP, 59,549yds of A.S cloth, 6,035 kgs of tea and 52000 Ltrs of Mobil oil.
Moreover, 41 cases of customs contravention including cases of seamless steel tube, wood free uncoated paper, auto parts and cylinders have also been made out involving duty/taxes of Rs. 107.62 (million). In addition, 19 cases of evasion of sales tax and Federal Excise involving revenue of Rs. 204.217 (million) haxs also been detected. The Directorate General has recovered Rs. 212.60 (million) in revenue including Rs. 172(M) as sales tax and Rs. 39.92 (million) as customs duty.  

Syeda Naureen Zahra
Secretary (PR)
Jun 08, 2011
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