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Explanatory notes for SRO 522(1)/2008 dated 09-06-2008

This SRO has been issued to reduce the pressure from e-portal and also to provide reasonable time to the taxpayers to file their Income Tax withholding statements. Earlier to this there was a same date for e-filing of monthly return of Sales tax as well as Income Tax Withholding statement and it used to slow down the whole process on e-portal on the last dates. There through SRO No.353 dated 03-04-2008, the last date of filing of withholding statement was changed to 10th of each month. But it created problem for the taxpayers as the time available to file their Income Tax withholding statement was too short. Hence the present SRO has now prescribed the new date for filing withholding statement for Income Tax as 20th of each month. The change in date of Income Tax withholding statement will ease the pressure on e-portal facilitating the taxpayer.

Usman Khalid Mirza
Member (Direct Taxes)
Jun 09, 2008
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