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Explanatory Notes for SRO 77(I)/2008 dated 23.01.2008

The notification amends the Sales Tax Special Procedure (Withholding) Rules, 2007, with the following effects:

(i) Now the amount deducted by the Government departments shall be transferred to sales tax head through book adjustment. Previous procedure of issuance of cheques by AGPR has been done away with. However, the provincial AGs and District Accounts Officer shall transfer the deducted amount by issuing a single cheque for all deductions made during the month. 

(ii) Withholding agent, if registered for sales tax or income tax, shall file return for withholding electronically.

(iii) The exclusions from deduction at source have been extended to cover the following supplies made by a registered person:

(i)         Electrical energy;

(ii)        Natural gas;

(iii)       Petroleum products as supplied by petroleum production and exploration companies, oil refineries and oil marketing companies;

(iv)       mild steel products;

(v)        products made from sheets of iron or non-steel alloy, stainless steel or other alloy steel, such as pipes, almirahs, trunks etc.

(vi)       paper, in rolls or sheets;

(vii)      plastic products including pipes;

(viii)     vegetable ghee and cooking oil; and

(ix)       telecommunication services.”.
Hameed Memon
Jan 23, 2008
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