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FBR Appreciates Response to Taxpayers Outreach Program

Taxpayers Outreach Program of Federal Board of Revenue has been launched to approach and facilitate taxpayers, being individual employees, through their employers for filing of their returns. This program is a step towards broadening the tax base in the country. Pakistan Army took the lead in this respect and subsequently Federal Board of Revenue has started a series of workshops to educate, motivate and facilitate the taxpayers to file their Income Tax Returns.

It is, however, clarified that tax is already being deducted in respect of all personnel of Armed Forces deriving taxable salaries and only electronic filing of returns is being facilitated. Moreover, pension of ex-servicemen of Armed Forces, like every other pensioner, is exempt from tax.

Following this lead, various heads of large organizations and leading banks approached FBR in this respect. In response different teams were constituted led by senior Members of FBR who conducted various meetings with heads of these organizations to create understanding and awareness about tax obligations and offered facilitation to the taxpayers to boost filing of Income Tax Returns.

Hamid Raza Khan
Secretar PR
Dec 12, 2017
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