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FBR Board-in-Council’s Progress review meeting on Monday

A meeting of the Board-in-Council of Federal Board of Revenue has been convened on Monday the 8th August, 2011 at the FBR House in Islamabad. The following will be the agenda of the meeting:

i) To review the Progress on BTB initiatives,

ii) The Delegation of powers to Members of FBR,

iii) Revenue generation strategy for all taxes,

iv) Cases of stuck up arrears in various courts,

v) Cases of illegal input adjustment of Sales Tax,

vi) Filing of representation against the orders of Federal Tax Ombudsman, and

vii) Improving of internal controlling accounting systems.

The meeting will be chaired by Mr. Salman Siddique, Secretary Revenue division / chairman FBR and to be attended by members of the Board, Additional Secretary Revenue division and relevant DGs.

Mohammad Shahzad
Secretary PR
Aug 05, 2011
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