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Chairman, Federal Board of Revenue and Secretary, Revenue Division, Mr. Ahmed Waqar called upon the tax machinery to gear up its efforts to improve tax-to-GDP ratio which at present was not upto the reasonable level and low even in the region.

He was addressing the senior officers of the Board at the FBR Headquarters here today.

In this regard, the Chairman directed the technical wings of FBR to study and identify the grey areas which need to be tackled effectively. "We have to improve our tax-to-GDP ratio and broaden the tax base to enable FBR to play its due role in economic development of the country", he added.

On public perception of FBR and its field offices, the Chairman stated that every possible step including improvement in the existing automated systems will be taken to root out corruption. "No compromise will be made on this issue. We have to improve our image in public," he categorically told the officials. Mr. Ahmed Waqar said that he was in favour of enforcement of tax laws but without harassment of the taxpayers.

Underlining the improvement in Board's performance, the Chairman emphasised the need to adhere to strict discipline among the FBR workforce to considerably enhance its performance and improve the image of the department amongst the stakeholders.

Chairman said that although revenue collection target of Rs. 1250 billion for current fiscal year was challenging but it will, Inshallah, be achieved with the team spirit. He told the officials that he was a pro-reforms person and played his due role in this regard wherever he served. He said that he was a strong believer of change as he believes that status-quo was not good for any institution and reforms were necessary for betterment.

Earlier, Member (FATE) & Official Spokesman of FBR, Mr. Khawar Khurshid Butt, welcomed Mr. Ahmed Waqar, on behalf of the officers of FBR & on his own behalf, on assuming the office of the Chairman and assured him all cooperation in discharging of his official duties. He also lauded the services of the out-going Chairman, Mr. M. Abdullah Yusuf during his four and a half year stay and especially for initiating the difficult task of tax administration reforms. He expressed the hope that under the able guidance of the new Chairman, FBR reforms will be completed successfully within the stipulated time.

Member (DT), Member (Customs) & Member (ST) also briefly explained to the new Chairman about their respective Wings. It was decided that detailed representations will be made by each Member separately in the next two days.

Muhammad Hafeez Mughal
Secretary PR
Jul 26, 2008
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