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Chairman, Federal Board of Revenue, Mr. Ahmad Waqar has directed the senior tax mangers to clear all the pending refund payment cases on priority basis and due payment must be made without any further delay.

He was addressing the Directors General, Large Taxpayers Units (LTUs) & Regional Tax Offices (RTOs) at a Conference held at FBR Headquarters here today.

The Chairman said that FBR was receiving a number of complaints regarding refund payment. "We have to reduce this number to a minimal level," he said and added, "Simultaneously, we need to keep a constant check on fake refund claims so that no payment is made on fraudulent claims."

Speaking on the on-going tax reforms programme, the Chairman asked the tax officers to extend all help and support to make this programme a complete success. He said that he was watching the reforms process closely to achieve the desired results. He asked the Directors General to identify the difficulties faced by them in the system so that corrective measures are taken with immediate effect.

The Chairman asked the tax managers to share their ideas with the Board to make further progress for achieving the targets including enhancement in tax-to-GDP ratio and broadening of tax base.

Talking about the existing image of FBR, Mr. Ahmad Waqar said that we have to improve the perception of being un-friendly with the taxpayers. "Our approach should be to help and facilitate the taxpayers," he stressed.

The Chairman observed that tax collection was not an easy job and added "We have to create an environment in which the taxpayers pay the due taxes, willingly."

Earlier, Member(Direct Taxes), Mr. Irfan Nadeem briefly outlined the agenda items of today's conference which included matters pertaining to direct taxes policy, withholding taxes, direct taxes operations, recovery of arrears and revenue generation.

Later, the Chief (Tax Policy), Mr. Saeedullah briefed the participants, about the policy changes made3 in the budget.
Muhammad Hafeez Mughal
Secretary PR
Aug 13, 2008
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