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FBR Chairman Mr. Tariq Bajwa presenting a shield to noted journalist Hanif Khalid at FBR Headquarters today.

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has conferred a shield on senior journalist and Resident Editor Daily “The Jang” Rawalpindi, Mr. Hanif Khalid, at a simple but impressive ceremony at FBR Headquarters, today.
FBR recognizes efforts of individuals and organisations towards collection of federal taxes. The concept was originally implemented for revenue collectors and then expanded to include informers who identified evasion of taxes. In recent years, FBR has also started recognizing top taxpayers, and last year FBR awarded Honour Cards to 100 top taxpayers falling in the categories of individuals, Association of Persons (AoPs) and companies. FBR has now expanded this concept to include those who contribute towards promotion of tax culture.
The print and electronic media plays an important role in forming public awareness and FBR recognizes the positive role of media in buttressing public tax morality. In the same direction, FBR intends to also recognize the role of media persons in expanding public awareness on the importance of voluntary compliance in payment of taxes. The first media person to be so recognized by FBR for lifetime contribution to raising public consciousness and awareness on the subject of taxes is Mr. Hanif Khalid.
Mr. Khalid Hanif is one of the senior most journalists active in journalism in the country. Despite being a media administration editor, he still actively performs the role of a field journalist. He has been reporting on federal taxes since 1970 and continues to focus on subject like tax evasion, revenue collection and voluntary compliance. FBR recognizes his continued effort as a media specialist and honours him with a shield. FBR intends to periodically continue such recognitions of media persons in the future as well.  

Shahid Hussain Asad
Senior Member (Inland Revenue-Policy)/ Official Spokesman, FBR
Oct 16, 2015
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