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FBR Clarifies Admissibility of Performance Allowance

Federal Board of Revenue clarifies with reference to a news item published in a section of press on 14-09-2012 that the employees of the Board are allowed performance allowance equal to their running basic pay by the Federal Government.
2.This allowance is admissible irrespective of grades and status of employees. The payment of said allowance is subject to selection of employees against specific job positions as per the skills/qualification requirement as well as selected by a designated Selection Committee for various level of grades.
3.The Selection Committee accordingly recommended for notification of performance allowance for newly posted Chairman, FBR. However, when the notification was brought to the knowledge of the Secretary, Revenue Division/Chairman, FBR, he himself declined to receive the said allowance in the public interest and in view of the current economic scenario of the country. Hence, the notification of performance allowance for the Secretary, Revenue Division/Chairman, FBR was immediately withdrawn.  

Riffat Shaheen Qazi
Member (FATE)
Sep 14, 2012
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