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FBR collects Rs 1150 billion; final figures to be released by weekend

Federal Board of revenue (FBR) has collected over Rs 1150 billion revenue for the financial year 2008-9 so far with a substantial amount of revenues collected for the month of June still in the pipeline.

According to an official statement issued Thursday, several misleading reports have currently been published in some sections of the press depicting an unrealistic picture of the latest revenue collection for the current financial year.

The statement clarifies that a substantial amount of the revenues collected for the month of June 2009 is still in the pipeline and the final figures are likely to be settled by this weekend. Nevertheless, the provincial figures of total revenues worked out so far are over Rs 1150 billion as against Rs 1007-50 billion collected during the last financial year. The present provincial figures thus show an increase of over 14 per cent vis-à-vis the last year’s collection. However, the final figures are expected to be on the higher side.

Hamid Raza Wattoo
Secretary PR
Jul 02, 2009
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