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FBR Conducts Workshop on “Accelerating Tax Reforms” 23rd – 24th Feb. 2013

FBR has embarked upon an ambitious acceleration of tax reform for enhancing revenue mobilization. The objective is to increase competitiveness, documentation, and growth of Pakistan’s economy. Increased revenues will allow greater resource allocation for Pakistan’s development needs, while enhanced competitiveness and documentation will encourage both domestic and foreign investment with increased employment for Pakistan’s youth.
Successful implementation of FBR reform acceleration strategy involves broadening national tax base through better documentation of economy, better integrated tax management system through effective Information Technology (IT), and strengthened enforcement to reduce tax evasion. Linkages with all stakeholders will be developed to sustain the reform process.
World Bank has been providing valuable assistance to FBR in its reforms. The Tax Administration Reform Project (TARP) was launched with the Bank’s assistance which ended in 2011. Presently groundwork is being done for a new project for accelerating tax reform for Revenue Mobilization.
 In order to bring reforms on a fast track, FBR initiated here today, a two-day international workshop on “Accelerating Tax Reforms” on 23-24 February, 2013 in Islamabad. The objectives are to share regional and global best practices on tax policy and tax administration, identify key actions and strategic direction in the short to medium term and provide initial input into formulating an outline for a new/revised revenue mobilization strategy.
The two-day workshop would strengthen the ongoing reforms process and create commitment and ownership for result oriented tax machinery at par with international standard among the stakeholders.
Speaking to the participants, Chairman FBR Mr. Ali Arshad Hakeem advised them to focus on following areas while formulating strategy proposals:-

  • Country-wide roll out of CREST (Sales Tax software) within a month.
  • Identifying top 100 smugglers and an early action against them.
  • Effective enforcement of tax laws.
  • Arrests in tax frauds.

The areas under study in the said two-day workshop are:-

  • Change Management.
  • Human Resource Management and Performance Indicators
  • Benchmarking IRS
  • Benchmarking Customs and Border Management.
  • Tax Policy
  • Information Technology


Mohammad Shahzad
Secretary PR
Feb 23, 2013
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