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FBR denies misplacement of duty drawback cheques

Federal Board of revenue (FBR) has denied reports appearing in a section of the press regarding alleged misplacement of duty drawback cheques at Customs offices in Karachi.

In an official statement issued Friday, FBR has maintained that no duty drawback cheques pertaining to members of the Pakistan Tanners Association were ever stolen or misplaced as reported at the offices of the Customs Administrative Reforms (CARE) Directorate or Pakistan Customs Computerised System Collectorate (PACCS) and consequently there was no question of
issuing duplicate cheques.

The statement further said that a key reason behind non-receipt of duty drawback cheques by the exporters was their submission of non-operational/outdated account numbers. However the system was being streamlined to ensure a smooth issuance of duty drawback cheques to the exporters and as a facilitation measure the board had decided to issue fresh cheques to reputed manufacturers-cum-exporters on undertaking the amount involved in the fresh cheques would be deducted from their future duty drawback claims in case old cheques were found encashed. The cases of duty drawback pertaining to members of Pakistan Tanners Association were also being scrutinized on these lines and they would be issued fresh cheques soon upon fulfillment of the requisite precautions.

Hamid Raza Wattoo
Secretary PR
Apr 17, 2009
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