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FBR denies reported corruption in Customs department

A spokesman of the Federal Board of Revenue has denied the contents of a news item captioned “we shall make an example of 300 big tax evaders: FBR” and attributing to Chairman FBR a reference to corruption of certain magnitude in the revenue collection machinery, particularly in the Customs department.

The spokesperson has clarified that the stated perception is based on some misunderstanding and has been reported in the press out of context. In fact, customs revenue collection of Rs. 56.7 billion is ahead of the target of Rs. 56.1 billion for first five months of the financial year. In the press conference, it was highlighted that the revenue performance of FBR, particularly of Customs, can further be improved through the ongoing reform process by effectively plugging the revenue leakages. Therefore the said impression of the magnitude of corruption in Customs created through the said news report is ill founded and is incorrect.

Hamid Raza Wattoo
Secretary PR
Dec 03, 2009
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