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FBR detects RS. 458 m on duty evasion due to invalid exemption claims

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is investigating a legitimate estimated revenue loss of Rs. 458 millions evaded by certain importers of Beverage industry. FBR field offices received information that certain importers of Beverage Industry had imported filling, labeling, and other related machinery and have wrongfully availed benefit of exemption from payment of duties/taxes under Serial No. 1(1) of SRO 575(1)/2006. Relevant data of the past clearances was retrieved/scrutinized which led to detection of 26 such cases wherein leviable duties/taxes had not been paid. In all such cases, contraventions have been issued and adjudication proceedings have been initiated to recover the short-levied amount.

Syeda Naureen Zahra
Secretary (PR)
Jun 08, 2011
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