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FBR fetes outgoing Members on retirement

A meeting of the Board-in-Council of FBR was held with Chairman FBR Dr. Muhammad Irshad in the chair to bid farewell to Ms. Raana Seerat, Member Taxpayers Audit FBR, and Mr. Shahid Zamam, Member Accounting FBR, on their retirement from service. 

In line with the tradition in FBR, the BiC meeting attended by all FBR Members paid glowing tributes to Ms. Raana Seerat (BS-22) and Mr. Shahid Zamam (BS-21) for their meritorious services for the promotion of public policy and tax culture while working on various senior positions in the Board and field formations of FBR. The Members shared their reminiscences of pleasant memories and experiences while working with the honourably retired officers. 

Both the outgoing Members, speaking on the occasion, expressed their gratefulness to the Almighty God for enabling them to complete remarkable phases of their lives with dignity and pride, and spoke profusely of the enabling and equally challenging work environment in which they shouldered their multifarious responsibilities in various positions in FBR.    

The Chairman, FBR in his remarks appreciated the services of outgoing Members, their hard work and commitment to the organization. The Chairman and all the Members highlighted the moral values and high professional standards practiced and maintained by the outgoing officers and unanimously praised the high level of integrity and honesty exhibited by them during their entire career.  The Chairman emphasized that the retired officers with their enriched experience behind them must continue contributing to the society. He wished them healthy and prosperous time in future.

At the end, the Chairman, FBR presented souvenirs and flower bouquets to the outgoing Members of FBR. 


Hamid Raza Khan
Secretary (PR-FATE)
May 02, 2017
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