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FBR implements WeBOC at Pakistan International Container Terminal

The Federal Board of Revenue, after successful implementation of Web-Based One Customs (WeBOC) system at Port Qasim Terminal, is pleased to implement WeBOC at Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT), to handle the Imports and exports Goods Declarations (GDs) with effect from 17-12-2011. WeBOC has been designed to handle these GDs, earlier being handled through MCC PaCCS.
As part of the transition process, different steps were taken to facilitate smooth transition with effect from 17-12-2011:
1.    All new VIRs at PICT were to be electronically filed in WeBOC.
2.    All import GDs pertaining to VIRs filed on the date or afterwards at PICT to be processed in WeBOC; however existing exclusions in PaCCS continue to be processed under OneCustoms.
3.    All exports GDs filed on or after the date pertaining to PICT to be processed in WeBOC.
4.    MCC PaCCS to clear GDs under process in PaCCS at the earliest but not later than 24-12-2011
5.    Help Desk has been established in MCC PaCCS to provide necessary assistance to trade.
It may also be noted that CC PaCCS need to retain hardcopies of such GDs pertaining to PICT and KICT which remain under process. Extracts of all IGMs already filed in PaCCS during the last 30 days shall be progressively uploaded into One Customs System for both PICT and KICT.
Project Director WeBOC and Collector MCC PaCCS have been empowered to take necessary operational decisions to achieve smooth and trouble free transition.

Mohammad Shahzad
Secretary (PR)
Dec 23, 2011
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