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FBR launches project for automation of inventory, financial modules

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has launched a project for the automation of various work  processes involving financial and material management in the organisation.

Under the project expected to be completed within 15 months, various work processes, including budget management system, accounts expenditure management system and material management, would be configured and customized to meet the FBR requirements. The system after its completion at the FBR Headquarters would also be replicated in the field offices and

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the launch of the project at the FBR House Monday, FBR Chairman Sohail Ahmad hoped the project would enable FBR to execute real-time internal financial controls and ensure transparency, efficiency and enhanced decision support.

The system under which supported procurements will have electronic linkages with Ministry of Finance and AGPR Office will also go a long way in extending FBR’s visibility beyond the bounds of the organization through an interface with PIFRA system and future expansion. Besides, it will ensure end-to-end automated business processes, real-time integration, flexible, real-time reporting, interfacing and best practices that are the hallmark of efficient organisations.

The kick-off ceremony organised at the FBR Headquarters Islamabad was also attended by senior FBR Members and officials. Later, FBR Chairman Mr Sohail Ahmad and board members visited the newly-developed SAP Competency Center and appreciated the modern setup.

The project is coordinated by Sheikh Hafeez and Mr Shahbaz from Siemens while the FBR side is represented by Ch Muhammad Azam, Member (Admn), Mr Abdul Jaleel, Chief (Admn)/ Project Director(SAP), Mr Bakhtiar Muhammad, Director (Coord-SAP), Mr Sarwar Jang, Director SAP, Mr Ali Raza, Director MM and Mr M. Sauood ur Rauf, Director FI.

Hamid Raza Wattoo
Secretary PR
Sep 01, 2009
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