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FBR meets stakeholders to forge consensus on Track &Trace System for tobacco products

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has held a wide-ranging, interactive session with the stakeholders, including representatives from the World Bank, to develop and implement a track and trace system for the tobacco products.

The deliberations were made as part of a workshop arranged by FBR today (20th December, 2018) and attended by representatives of the Cigarette Industry, IT Solutions Providers and Enforcement Officers of FBR. The participants of the workshop unanimously agreed to welcome the new proposed Track and Trace System if it was implemented across the board in its true sprit by adopting a fair and transparent process. 

Earlier, the Director General (BTB) FBR Islamabad briefed the participants on the purpose and scope of the Track and Trace System and invited the participants of offer their input and suggestions to make whole process fair and transparent. Project Director, Track & Trace System (T&TS) FBR also briefed the participants in detail on the concerns and observations of the stakeholders and regulatory authorities on the track & trace system.

Addressing the workshop, representatives of leading tobacco manufacturing companies operating in Pakistan expressed their concerns about cost-effectiveness of the Track and Trace Project while the IT solution providers called for a generic RFP as a non-specific or restrictive RFP limited the scope of a level-playing field necessary for all potential bidders to participate in the bidding process.

Speaking on the occasion, the representative from the World Bank expressed willingness on behalf of his organization provide all assistance to FBR to make the bidding process of the system a success.


Hamid Raza Khan
Secretary (PR-FATE)
Dec 21, 2018
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