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Quarterly Conferences of field officers of Federal Board of Revenue will start from 26th January, 2008 (Saturday) in Islamabad.
Secretary General, Revenue Division and Chairman, Federal Board of Revenue, Mr. M. Abdullah Yusuf will preside over all the three quarterly conferences.
During the conferences, performance of the collectorates/commissionerates in the second quarter (October-December) of current financial year will be reviewed and strategy will be evolved to achieve the revenue targets set for the third quarter (January-March).
Follow-up actions taken on the decisions made in the conferences held in October last will also be reviewed.
Conference of Directors General, Commissioners of Income Tax and Commissioners (Appeals) will be held on 26th January (Saturday), Conference of Collectors of Customs & Collectors (Appeals) on 28th January (Monday) and quarterly conference of Collectors of Sales Tax & Collectors (Appeals) on 29th January, 2008(Tuesday).

Muhammad Hafeez Mughal
Secretary (PR)
Jan 21, 2008
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