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FBR registers more than 18.5% revenue growth

Federal Board of Revenue has continued to display satisfactory performance in the fourth consecutive month of the current financial year and achieved provisional gross revenue collection of over Rs. 1074 billion for the first four months of the fiscal year by recording an increase of around 20.4% over the revenue collected during the corresponding period of last fiscal year. Refunds during this period have been issued to the tune of Rs 42 billion as against Rs 21 billion issued during this year depicting an increase of 100% during the corresponding period of previous fiscal year. In addition to issuance of these refunds, another amount of approximately 13 billion has been issued as sales tax refund to refund claimants through direct credit to their bank accounts. Provisional net revenue collection was recorded as  Rs. 1033 billion for the first four months of the fiscal year with an increase of around 18.5% over the net revenue collected during the same  period of last fiscal year. The target for the year has been fixed with an annual increase of 19.2% over the previous year.
The provisional collection for the month of October 2017 was 267 billion which shows an increase of  more than 12% over the collection for October 2016 which depicts a substantial improvement over the growth of 5.23 percent registered in the monthly collection last year. During fiscal year 2016-17, the collection for the first four months stood at 872 billion as against the figure of Rs 1032 billion collected this year.
During October, 2017, according to the provisional figures received so far, FBR has made a net collection of more than Rs. 267 billion as against Rs. 237 billion collected during October, 2016. The revenue collection trend during the first four months of the financial year augurs well for the efforts of FBR towards achievement of the assigned annual revenue targets.
Federal Board of Revenue also wishes to dispel the impression created by some reports appearing in sections of the press that the number of the returns received for the tax year 2017 has declined as compared to returns received for tax year 2016. This impression is grossly misleading as only 352,022 returns were received upto November 1, 2016, whereas 608,587 returns have been received till November 1, 2017. This shows a substantial increase of 72% in the number of returns received during the same period of previous fiscal year


Hamid Raza Khan
Secretary (PR-FATE)
Nov 01, 2017
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