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FBR Revises and Simplifies Income Tax Return Forms for Tax Year 2012.

FBR takes yet another taxpayer facilitation measure by simplifying income tax return forms which include; Return Form for Individuals and AOPs (IT-2 Form), Corporate Return Form for Companies (IT-1 Form), Wealth Statement Form (WS1/2 Form), and Wealth Reconciliation Form (WS 2/2 Form). Whereas, a new simplified Income Tax Return Form (IT-4) for Individual Retailers is also introduced. These Forms are effective for Tax Year 2012.
This measure will facilitate the taxpayers in filing of their returns. FBR has placed these revised and simplified Forms on its website for taxpayers’ convenience and has invited their suggestions in preparation of user friendly tax return forms
The decision was taken by making necessary amendments vide SRO-727(I)/2012 dated 12.06.2012 and SRO-752(I)/2012 dated 19.06.2012. These Notifications are also placed at FBR website for the information of general public.  

Riffat Shaheen Qazi
Member (FATE) / Official Spokesperson,
Jun 20, 2012
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