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FBR team meets banks, gas company executives in Karachi to boost filing of returns

As part of FBR's outreach & awareness programme for filing of Income Tax returns before the due date of 31st October 2017, a two-member FBR team led by Member FATE Nausheen Javaid Amjad spent a busy day in Karachi today to hold a series of meetings with the heads of various banks and companies to apprise them of facilitative measures adopted by FBR to motivate the people to file their tax returns. 
Ms. Nausheen Javaid Amjad, Member Facilitation and Taxpayer Education (FATE) Wing FBR, who was accompanied by Chief FATE Ms. Tehmina Aamer used the meetings to acknowledge the laudable role being played by large organisations in reporting the salaries and tax deducted from their employees and requested them to educate and motivate their employees to file their individual Income Tax returns as well to fulfil an important legal obligation.  
The meetings were held separately with the Acting President & CFO of Habib Bank, Mr. Raymond Kotwal; President Meezan Bank Mr. Irfan Siddiqui and Acting Managing Director SSGC Mr. Muhammad Amin Rajput at the respective head offices of these organisations to mark a shift in the FBR efforts by reaching out to the taxpayers and offering them all kinds of assistance and support at their doorsteps to ensure tax compliance. "We understand that sending notices to non-filers is a traditional mode of enforcement but there is now a renewed focus and greater desire in FBR on creating awareness among the public and offering them maximum facilitation and help in shouldering their tax-related responsibilities," said the Member FBR. She said the filing of returns could result in significant advantages to the employees and save them from paying higher differential rate of taxes introduced for the filers and non-filers.  
During the meetings, positive sentiments were expressed about FBR's initiative of creating awareness and reaching out to taxpayers for building a friendly interface with them. The FBR's offer of extending support and facilitation through training and technical sessions in e-filing was appreciated while a full cooperation in ensuring maximum compliance and filing of tax returns from the employees of these organisations was assured. 
Meanwhile, FBR team also held a detailed meeting with the office-bearers of Pakistan Tax Bar Association at the offices of LTU Karachi. President Bar Association Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon was also present. The office-bearers and members of the tax bar were also requested by the FBR team to lend their hand in making the FBR's outreach & awareness programme successful. 
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Hamid Raza
Oct 13, 2017
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