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FBR to interface potential taxpayers’ data with NADRA

ISLAMABAD, Feberuary 8, 2010: Two consecutive meetings of the Board-in-Council Chaired by Mr. Salman Seddique, Chairman FBR, were held at the FBR Headquarters on 3rd and 8th February. Apart from other administrative issues the Board's main agenda was to review and analyse the revenue positions from June, 2010 to January, 2011, and from February to June 2011. The Board had extensive technical deliberations and arrived at the conclusion that all the possible potential revenue sources would be tapped in order to meet the FBR's revenue targets for the current fiscal year. In this regard it was decided that:

  • For broadening the tax base and effective enforcement the Chairman along with CEO PRAL shall hold a meeting with Chairman NADRA for interfacing the potential taxpayers' data with NADRA.
  • A framework on the potential taxpayers will be developed and submitted to ECC for approval by 15th February.
  • Regular meetings shall be held for analyzing sectoral revenues in details, leading to needed corrective measures
  • Frequent meeting will also be held with all the stakeholders of revenue generation process for determining causes of revenue decline and taking remedial actions therein.
Hamid Raza Wattoo
Secretary PR
Feb 08, 2011
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