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 Board-in-Council, in its meeting chaired by Secretary General, Revenue Division and Chairman, Federal Board of Revenue Mr. M. Abdullah Yousaf has decided to setup a Complaint Cell under Section 7 of the FBR Act 2007 for redressal of the tax-related grievances of the general public, particularly the taxpayers. This Cell will be a part of Facilitation & Taxpayer Education Wing of FBR and function under the direct supervision of its Member, Mr. Khawar Khurshid Butt.

2. Under Section 7 of the Act, any person aggrieved by the action done or taken for the enforcement of the fiscal laws or due to any act of administration, corruption and misbehavior by any officer or employee of the Board or any unnecessary delay or hardship caused due to any administrative process may prefer representation to the Chairman for redressal of his grievance.

3. While taking this decision, the Chairman directed that the Complaint Cell will take all possible steps for redressal of the problems of any aggrieved person. This facilitation measure will be in addition to other fora available to the aggrieved people for tax related problems/grievances. It was decided that FATE Wing will be strengthened to be able to receive such representations and process according to the provisions of Section 7 of the FBR Act 2007.

4. Board-in-Council reviewed implementation of its earlier decision. Chairman FBR emphasized the need to make detailed analysis in respect of major sectors so that monthly reports are generated by Customs, Income Tax and Sales Tax Wings for better monitoring of revenue collection. He urged the technical Members to ensure that regular analysis is institutionalized that will enable the Board to keep effective check on gray areas where measures for improvement are required. The Chairman also directed that inspection be made by Collectors of Customs to improve integrity amongst the work force. Member (HRM) informed the Council that a Conference is planned where 86 officers having post-graduate degree will be invited, those suitable for posting in Directorate General of Training will be identified. The meeting decided that foreign training reports will be compulsorily filed in the HRM Wing after completion of training course.

5. Member (FR&S) presented the latest position of revenue collection under various heads. It was observed that due to recent disturbances a shortfall of Rs. 35 billion is expected as of 31.12.2007. It was, however, observed that uptill November, revenue growth was 14.8% (cumulative) whereas upto December 2007, it was reduced to 4%. Total collection in December 2007 was Rs. 90 billion as against 114 billion for the same period last year. It was decided that the budgetary target of Direct Taxes will be reviewed after 14th January 2008 i.e. that last date of filing Corporate Returns. The Chairman expressed concern over shortfall in sugar and cement sectors. He instructed Member(Audit) to look into this aspect seriously and analyze the causes. It was further observed that inspite of growth in cement sector, the reason for fall in revenue must be examined and necessary steps taken immediately. The Chairman further directed Sales Tax Wing to work on valuation of imported goods. He observed that the world prices of commodity have increased manifold and there is urgent need for streamlining the values adopted by FBR field formations in respect of imported goods.

6. The meeting also decided that DG,(Withholding Tax), FBR, should hold meetings with Military/Naval/Air Accountants General to streamline the system of book adjustment. It was decided that Sales Tax Wing will undertake thorough analysis of Sales Tax filers and non-filers so that the exact position is known regarding sales tax registered persons. The Chairman directed that in order to improve performance of FBR Helpline, necessary manpower and logistic support must be made available to the FATE Wing. He also appreciated the revamped website of FBR and urged for its continuous improvement to make it more and more user friendly. It was decided that Taxpayers and Facilitation Wing must prepare a two-year activity plan along with financial layout which will be sent to Member (TP&R) for allocation of resources.

7. Financial statements as at 31st December, 2007 of TARP also presented before the Board-in-Council. The meeting expressed satisfaction over the Statements and decided to take a final decision on them after their thorough consideration in the next meeting of the Board-in-Council.

Muhammad Hafeez Mughal
Secretary (PR)
Jan 08, 2008
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