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FBR’s Board-in-Council Meeting

A marathon session of the Board-in-Council of the FBR was held 15 February 2012. The exhaustive meeting started at 9:30 am and continued throughout the day. The members of Board highlighted the methodology for achieving the revenue target through extensively discussing each head of collection strategies were developed and time lines were framed.
The meeting continued for seven (7) hours where the Chairman gave broad outlines for achieving the targets based on the presentations given by members of the Board
The Chairman directed the Board members to ensure that the performance of FBR personnel is closely monitored by Chief Commissioners and Chief Collectors, and the under achievers be identified and action taken accordingly, based on HRM/IJP polices.
Member enforcement gave presentation on withholding taxes and informed the Board that there are 43,817 WH agents throughout Pakistan. He pointed out loopholes in withholding agents compliance level as the next area of focus by FBR. FBR will include probe into tax-withholding Agents as part of its next 4 months campaign.
The Board will again discuss the revenue collection strategy in1st week of March, 2012 After obtaining feedback from field formations.


Jan 15, 2012
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