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FBR’s Helpline facilitating Taxpayers

FBR’s Helpline is a free, fast & reliable service that is committed to provide the very best service to the public. FBR’s Helpline not only educates the public but also provides them a forum through which the public can put forward their queries and seek resolution to most of their issues via phone, email or website. Helpline team has been at the forefront in resolving issues that come up from time to time such as payment of Surcharge for ATL, guidance for newly launched Online Sales Tax Registration application, guidance for newly launched Biannual Income Tax Withholding Statement, guidance for ST Returns launched for the new financial year. The Helpline is providing services to the public in two shifts but provided 24/7 facilitation during the Asset Declaration Scheme.  Furthermore, the Helpline representatives are providing all possible support to the Taxpayers in ensuring that they are easily able to navigate various Transactional portals such as Income Tax portal (Iris) etc.
FBR Helpline utilizes international standard Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, which ensures availability of three (3) tier support lines ensuring that FBR Helpline promptly resolves Taxpayer issues. Taxpayers are provided a case number for each complaint lodged and resolution of the case is ensured within 24 hours of the complaint lodged. Cases of complex nature which require legal and technological modification in the system are resolved within 3 days of the lodged complaint.  
The success of FBR Helpline  can be gauged from the fact that number of tax return filers increased to 2.6 million from 1.9 million in one year which is expected to be increased to 5 million in next two years.
Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is committed towards bringing about a Service Oriented Culture – geared towards resolving challenges faced by investors and taxpayers, helping to improve the Ease of Doing Business (EoDB). FBR understands its responsibilities as a Partner in Progress - where its sole responsibility isn’t just to collect taxes but also ensure that it provides the very best service; ushering in a tax compliant culture while providing the necessary tools for economic growth. Nothing epitomizes FBR’s commitment towards a Service Oriented Culture like FBR’s Helpline. 
FBR Helpline can be reached through phone (051-111-772-772) and email (, plus complaints can also be lodged through the website ( 
Adnan Akram Bajwa
Secretary PR FATE Wing
Oct 01, 2019
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