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Govt allows import of cars to disabled persons

The government has allowed import of custom-duty free new car of engine capacity not exceeding 1350cc by a Pakistani disabled national for personal use, says a press release issued by FBR.

The decision announced vide Customs Notification No. SRO 277(1)2010 dated 27th April, 2010, of the Revenue Division, has been taken in pursuance of a government decision announced vide Notification No 16(1)/2006 – Import II, dated the 28th September, 2009, issued by the Ministry of Commerce, to allow import of duty free cars for personal use of disabled persons, to overcome the disability, subject to fulfillment of criteria and conditions laid down in the policy.

According to the conditions, at the time of import of car the disabled person must have import authorization certificate issued by the Ministry of Commerce in his favour. Moreover, only one car shall be allowed to be imported by a disabled person, and the car shall not be sold or otherwise transferred to any person before the expiry of five years from the date of its arrival in Pakistan.

Hamid Raza Wattoo
Secretary PR
Apr 30, 2010
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