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CNG buses (15 units) were imported from Sharjah in CBU condition. These buses were assembled/manufactured in UAE from the components/parts imported from India. Therefore, a question arose regarding determination of origin of these buses, since the import of such buses is not allowed from India as per Import Policy Order in vogue.

The Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Industries, Production and Special Initiatives informed the Federal Board of Revenue to process the cases of import of buses in consultaion with the local stakeholders and after thorough scrutiny as local industry was agitating that the vehicles were of Indian origin.

In order to mitigate the hardship faced by the importers and to safeguard the interest of local manufactures/assemblers, it was proposed by the FBR and the Ministry of Commerce, as a special dispensation, to allow one time import authorization of the already imported 15 buses subject to the condition that the importer undertakes not to import such buses in future.


The matter was taken up by the ECC of the Cabinet and the ECC finally approved the release of 15 CNG buses on one time authorization of the Ministry of Commerce on payment of the leviable duty and taxes in addition to the redemption fine equal to 30% of their C &F value.


 In order give effect to the ECC’s above referred decision an amending notification SRO---(1)2008 dated dated 12th March, 2008 has been issued

Muhammad Hafeez Mughal
Secretary (PR)
Mar 14, 2008
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