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The Agricultural Diesel Engines Manufacturers Group requested the Federal Board Revenue to enhance the existing range of Agriculture Diesel Engines (Single Cylinder) from “12-32 HP” to “3-36 HP” in terms of serial number 94 of SRO 565(1)/2006 dated 05.6.2006 on the basis that Single Cylinder Diesel Engines of 3HP to 36HP has been declared as manufactured locally vide CGO No. 18/2007 dated 29.12.2007.

The request was examined in consultation with the Ministry of Food, Agricultural and Live Stocks (MINFAL) and the Engineering Development Board (EDB). A consensus was evolved to accede the request of the Agricultural Diesel Engines Manufactures Group and thereby to allow the import of CKD Kits of Agriculture Diesel Engines (Single Cylinder 3-36 HP) at 10% concessionary rate of duty.

Accordingly, a notification SRO 384(1)/2008 dated 21st April, 2008 (Annex-I) has been issued enhancing the existing range of CKD Kits of Agriculture Diesel Engines (Single Cylinder) from 12-32 HP to 3-36 HP under SRO 565(1)/2006 dated 05.6.2006. Thereby, the CKD Kits will be importable at 10% concessionary rate of duty for manufacture of said engines. The notification dated 21st April, 2008 is effective from 29th December, 2007 i.e., the date on which the CGO No. 18/2007 had been issued.

Muhammad Hafeez Mughal
Secretary PR
Apr 24, 2008
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