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Meeting held between Chairperson FBR and Traders’ Representatives

An important meeting between representatives of Trade Associations and Senior officers of Federal Board of Revenue was held at FBR House Islamabad here on Thursday. The traders’ representatives included Kashif Chaudhry, Naeem Mir and Ajmal Baloch whereas FBR Team was led by Acting Chairperson FBR Nausheen Amjad and included Member IR Policy Doctor Hamid Ateeq Sarwar and DG Retail Hameed Memon. It was agreed in the meeting that committees established throughout Pakistan will be completed in coming two days.

A combined meeting of traders’ representatives and senior officers of FBR will be held on 22nd January at FBR House Islamabad. In the meeting, the Chairperson and other senior officers of FBR will brief the traders about the progress on the agreement with the traders and will take them into confidence. It was decided in today’s meeting that representatives of traders and the FBR officers would hold a combined meeting on 24th January at Regional Office Islamabad/Rawalpindi, 27th January at Karachi, 29th January at Multan, 30th January at Faisalabad and 31st January at Lahore Regional Office.

It was also agreed in today’s meeting that issues arising due to turn over tax would be analyzed afresh in a meeting with the tyre, mobile, ghee, sugar, pulses etc, cement, fertilizer, electronics, yarn, iron steel, paper, automobile and other sectors on 13th and 14th January at FBR House Islamabad.



Adnan Akram Bajwa
Secretary PR FATE Wing
Jan 09, 2020
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