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Meeting of the FBR's spokesperson with the media on Friday, 2 November, 2012


FBR’s top management was engaged in a country-wide flurry of activities in the current week. The chairman FBR, Mr. Ali Arshad Hakeem and Senior Member FBR, Mr. Asrar Raouf visited Karachi’s field formations to gear them up towards the year’s ambitious revenue target. They also plan to visit FBR’s other field formations across the country in this regard.
To have an interaction with media, FBR’s official spokesman Mr. Asrar Raouf held a meet-the-press moot here today at the FBR’s Headquarters. He wished them Eid greetings and later had an hour-long pleasant exchange of views with the country’s leading journalists which continued till Juma-prayer break.
The spokesman answered the journalists’ queries on revenue growth and discussed alternate strategies towards achieving revenue targets.
The moot ended with expression of well wishes and agreed on a continuation of similar meetings in the future.


Mohammad Shahzad
Secretary PR
Nov 02, 2012
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