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New software leads to 50% growth in sales tax deducted at AG offices

A dedicated software launched across all district accounts offices in July last year has resulted in an impressive 50 per cent growth in collection of sales tax withheld by AG offices from the vendors of the government departments.
"I must commend the lead role of both the current and ex-Controller General of Accounts for ensuring the successful launch of the system across all District Accounts Offices, which has now translated into over 50% growth in collection of sales tax withheld by AG Offices from the vendors of the government departments, in the period July to December, year on year basis," said Dr. Muhammad Irshad, Chairman FBR as well as Member, Inland Revenue (Operations), while addressing a special event arranged at FBR House.
The event was arranged under the auspices of the FBR’s Inland Revenue Operations Wing for acknowledgement and recognition of the cooperation extended by the Controller General of Accounts Office and its MIS team for development and launch of the SAP-withholding (Sales) tax (Automated) System for deduction of 1/5th of withholding sales tax from venders of the Government Departments whose bills are being processed through AG/AGPR offices. The event was arranged by the IR-Operations Withholding team headed by Ms Mahbooba Razzaq, Chief Withholding and was attended by senior officers of both the Controller General Accounts Office and lnland Revenue Operations Wing of the FBR.
Dr. Muhammad Irshad expressed high gratitude to Mr Asif Ali, the Ex-Controller General of Accounts, who took key decision, during his tenure, at the request of the FBR, to address the issue, identified by the Inland Revenue Operations Wing. He also thanked Hafiz Muhammad Tahir, the current Deputy General Accounts, for his continued support. The Member IR-Ops also heaped huge praise on Mr. Ammar Naqvi, the Director General (MIS/FABS), who along with his MIS team, played a crucial role in developing, testing and launching of the system across the country.
Dr. Muhammad Irshad requested the CGA team for continuous improvement of the system, so that operational issues reported at District Accounts Offices, were addressed. He also urged the current Controller General of Accounts, to extend the cover of the current system to bring government projects, both provincial and federal, under the current system. The new measure, with the collaboration of the CGA Office, should further strengthen mechanism for enhancement of the State Revenue. FBR has plans to establish such relationship with the other withholding partners as well. Some headway has been made in this regard with the Excise & Taxation department for the transfer of online data in respect of section 231B and 234. In this connection meeting will all the Provincial Secretaries, Excise & Taxation is likely to take place in near future. Initial work has been finalized with the Secretary Excise and Taxation, Sindh.

Mrs. Shagufta Khanum, the Controller General Accounts appreciated the FBR’s gesture for recognizing the efforts of the CGA team and expressed that the collaboration would be further deepened in future.
Later, during the event, in recognition of the cooperation extended, FBR shields were given away to Mrs. Shagufta Khanum, the current Controller General of Accounts, Mr. Asif Ali, the Ex-Controller General of Accounts and Hafiz Muhammad Tahir, the Deputy Controller General of Accounts. The Certificates of Appreciation were also distributed to Mr. Ammar Naqvi, the Director General (MIS/FABS) and the team, who played a key role in ensuring the successful launch of the automated system.
The event was also attended by Ms. Nausheen Amjad, Member (FATE), FBR, Mr. Abdul Hameed Memon, Chief (ST), Mr. Yousuf Hyder Shaikh, Chief (Revenue & Operations), Mr. Abdul Khalique Shaikh, Secretary (Withholding-I) and Ms. Romana Alam, Secretary (Withholding-II) and other officers.


Hamid Raza Khan
Secretary (PR-FATE)
Jan 23, 2017
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