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No closing down of PaCCS, says FBR

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has vowed to achieve 100 per cent automation of its different organs, including customs, income tax and sales tax etc.

In a statement, the FBR spokesman has maintained that automation of FBR and its key organs like customs, income tax and sales tax, is in good progress and FBR is fully committed to achieving 100 per cent automation of work processes in key wings and departments.

However in some recent media reports it has been wrongly reported that Pakistan Customs Computerised System (PaCCS) is being closed down. These reports have mixed up PaCCS with the M/s. Agility which is a company providing software to run the system for PaCCS. It has been decided following the input received from the system audit of the software and some other related issues that the automation of Customs may not be rolled out through M/s. Agility and FBR will come up with a substitute for PaCCS for providing automated services and rolling it out to all the customs stations in the country.

Hamid Raza Wattoo
Secretary PR
Mar 03, 2010
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