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No further extension in date of filing Income Tax Returns for Tax Year 2019

Federal Board of Revenue has announced that there would be no further extension in the date of filing Annual Income Tax Returns for Tax Year-2019. The FBR would update the Active Tax Payers List from Tax Year 2018 to Tax Year 2019 on the night of 29th February. The people who have not filed the Tax Returns for the Tax Year 2019 would be omitted from the Active Tax Payers List.

Federal Board of Revenue has received two million four hundred forty six thousand two hundred and ninety four (2,446,294) Tax Returns for Tax Year 2019 which increased by 45% compared to one million six hundred eighty seven thousand (1,687,000) Tax Returns filed in Tax Year 2018.

FBR has further said that tax collected in the month of February 2020 has also increased by seventeen percent compared to corresponding period in the last year. The number of individuals filing the Tax Returns in Tax Year 2019 is 2,342,701, whereas 62,403 Associations of Persons and 40,988 Companies filed their Tax Returns.

The Chairperson FBR Nausheen Amjad Javed congratulated the FBR officers who put their tireless efforts to achieve this milestone.


Adnan Akram Bajwa
Secretary PR FATE Wing
Feb 28, 2020
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