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No truth in news reports about failure of dialogue with IMF, says FBR

Federal Board of Revenue controverts news appearing in various Newspapers regarding failure of dialogue held with IMF in Dubai. It has also been reported that the plans to implement the proposed Single Stage Sales Tax have been shelved on the advice of IMF. 
It is clarified that a delegation of FBR and Tax Reforms Commission held a Tax Policy Dialogue with the Tax Policy experts from the Fiscal Affairs Department of IMF in Dubai. Various aspects of the matters relating to Tax Policy under the Customs, Sales Tax and Income Tax laws in Pakistan were discussed in the light of International best practices. The purpose of the dialogue was not to obtain approval or concurrence for any specific policy option which is neither required nor was sought. The dialogue was aimed at an exchange of views between FBR and international Tax Policy experts in an attempt to gain insight from the varied experiences of the world. The dialogue was completely successful and the desired objectives were achieved.
Government of Pakistan is fully committed to provide ease of doing business for the Business community and will not hesitate to accept any proposal that would facilitate the taxpayers without compromising the revenue streams. The reports that the proposed Single Stage Sales Tax was not approved are denied and it is also denied that any approval in this connection was solicited from IMF. 
Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
Member (SPR&S), Official Spokesperson FBR
Dec 14, 2015
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