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An attempt to smuggle huge quantity of opium and hashish from tribal areas to down country via Motorway (M-1) and ultimately abroad, was foiled by the staff of Directorate General Intelligence and Investigation, FBR, due to mounted surveillance near Rashaki Interchange, Motorway.
On 04-10-2011, at about 1300 hours, the staff of Directorate General stopped a suspected motor car bearing Reg. No. MNV-3857 near Rashakai Interchange of Motorway (M-1). Search of the vehicle lead to the recovery of 35Kgs of Hashish concealed in a secret cavity specially designed for the purpose in the rear bumper of the vehicle. The driver namely Muhammad Saeed was taken into custody. Hashish and the vehicle, valued at Rs 2.50 million, have been seized. FIR No 56 dated 04.10.2011 has been lodged against the accused under the Customs Act, 1969 and CNSA 1997.
On 05-10-2011 at about 1300 hours, a suspected Nissan Pickup bearing Reg. No. KM-3461 was stopped and searched. 35 Kgs of Opium and 204 Kgs of Hashish was recovered and seized from the specially designed cavity in the floor of the vehicle. The Opium, Hashish and the vehicle was valued at Rs 16.740 million. The Driver Muhammad Sarfraz was taken into custody. FIR No 57 dated 05.10.2011 has been lodged against the accused under the Customs Act, 1969 and CNSA 1997.
Further investigation of the cases is in progress.

Mohammad Shahzad
Secretary PR
Oct 06, 2011
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