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Tariq Bajwa Inaugurates Printing of FBR’s Portion of Federal Budget 2015-16

 Chairman Federal Board of Revenue, Mr. Tariq Bajwa inaugurates printing of FBR’s Portion of Federal Budget 2015-16 here at FBR House today on 04th June, 2015 in a simple ceremony which started with recitation from Holy Quran. Successful completion of this complex task was prayed for alongwith strengthening of national economy.

   FBR’s annual budget proposals’ exercise commenced months earlier involving frequent consultations with business community representatives, other Federal Ministries, and in-house brain storming among FBR’s senior officers. The Federal Minister for Finance, Revenue and Privatization Mr. Ishaq Dar remained closely involved in the exercise, visiting FBR several times each week. The printing of the budget documents concludes this months-long trek by FBR.

      Mr. Bajwa appreciated the toil put in by budget making core-team, witnessing day and night efforts by all senior Members, supporting officers and FBR staff. Mr. Bajwa was confident that timely completion of the task shall be possible tonight or at most early morning. He stressed upon all officers and staff to ensure extending complete cooperation and effective coordination to achieve the task. Personnel engaged in the budget work will remain working throughout the night.  

Shahid Hussain Asad
Member (Policy-IR) / Official Spokesperson, FBR
Jun 04, 2015
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