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Government of Pakistan is committed to enhance domestic resource mobilization as part of its stabilization and reform strategy to meet the targets of sustainable growth. A key element in this regard is the establishment of a fair and efficient tax administration.

  2. FBR has been undergoing a comprehensive Program of Tax Administration Reforms. The Program aimed at restructuring of FBR on the pattern of leading modern tax administration. The Tax Reform Program envisaged a functionally integrated tax administration of sales tax, federal excises and direct taxes. The key element was to facilitate the taxpayers by providing universal self-assessment across all taxes. It would not be possible to implement the system effectively without having a functionally designed tax administration. The FBR continued to operate in separate domains of Direct Taxes and Sales Tax / Federal Excises with partial design adjustments at Headquarters and field formations.

   3. Accordingly, the tax administrations of direct tax, sales tax and federal excise have been integrated into a single position of Inland Revenue headed by a single Member. He is responsible for all field operations at the Regional Tax Offices and Large Taxpayers Units across the country. This step is intended to facilitate taxpayers by creating a single window access and aligning all business processes to promote a tax compliant culture.

   4. In addition, a new support function of enforcement & accounting has been introduced in the functional design which is to be administered by a separate Member. At the same time the taxpayers’ audit has also been entrusted to an independent Member separating it from the internal audit function.

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Mahmood Alam
Member. FATE / Official Spokesman, FBR
Jan 15, 2009
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