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Secretary General, Revenue division and Chairman, Federal Board of Revenue, Mr. M. Abdullah Yusuf has said that the on-going tax administration and policy reforms would play a vital role in enhancing the country's financial resources, resolving the problems of the business community and facilitating the taxpayers.

Addressing the officers/officials of the Customs & Federal Excise Department, based in Islamabad/Rawalpindi at "Employees Workshop", the Chairman confidently said that the reforms, on their completion in December, 2009, would create a win-win situation for all the three major stake-holders viz: the Government, the taxpayers and the employees of the Board. He said that we were in transition phase and still have to go a long way to achieve the desired results.

Referring to the various initiatives, taken in Customs Department, including setting up of CARE/PaCCS system and Model Custom Collectorates, the Chairman remarked that these measures have not only facilitated the importers & exporters in clearance of their goods to a great extent but also considerably reduced their cost of doing business and save their precious time. He was pretty sure that the FBR's reforms would also be helpful in attracting local and foreign investment as, he observed, "No county can make progress without investment." He said, the reforms initiatives in customs and sales tax & federal excise were also facilitating trade.

Mr. Abdullah Yusuf was of the opinion that FBR has to play its due role as a key institution of the Government to meet financial needs of the Government and help implement its fiscal policies. He said, sufficient financial resources were essential to enhancing Gross Domestic Product and subsequently the Per Capita Income. He informed that the Per Capita Income which was $ 425 few years back was now $ 850 and termed it as a "positive sign". 'We have to play our role to further increase the GDP and Per Capita Income to make life easier for our countrymen', he added.

Chairman observed that the positive change brought about by the tax reforms have already been noticed and acknowledged by the public and private

sectors particularly the taxpayers. He said, over 100,000 tax appeals and adjudication cases which were pending for the last several years were disposed of through a well-formulated policy.

Listing various steps taken by the Board for the welfare of the employees, the Chairman told the officials that the establishment of FBR Foundation would take care of all of their educational, health and housing needs. He said, a sufficient amount would be allocated to help out the employees in hours of distress and to get them cured from terminal diseases.

Replying to various questions, put forward by the employees, the Chairman assured that no employees would be expelled from service forcibly for not clearing IJP test and training and re-training will be arranged to enhance their capacity and to absorb them in the system. However, a package would be formulated for employees who would like to leave the Department voluntarily. He further said that the Inspectors would be up-graded to BS-14 besides implementation of the Government's recent decision to upgrade the clerical staff.

Muhammad Hafeez Mughal
Secretary (PR)
Feb 09, 2008
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