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Taxpayer alert on bogus emails

It has been brought to the notice of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) that some taxpayers have received emails supposedly sent to them by offices of FBR.
    The emails are being sent from which is not an official email address of FBR. All such emails sent from this account may be discarded and not treated as correspondence from FBR. Taxpayers are also reportedly receiving emails about Active Taxpayers List (ATL) where the email informs the taxpayers to avail last chance to file their returns through a fake link given in the mail. This is a Phishing mail and can lead to identity theft and misuse of online financial systems to deprive unsuspecting people of their money. All taxpayers and general public are requested not to trust such emails and never disclose their bank account numbers, passwords and other details.
     Taxpayers and the general public are also advised to always validate the FBR’s official domain  in address bar of the browser to avoid phishing attack. The official URL to file Income Tax Return is 

(Shahid Hussain Asad)
Sr. Member (Inland Revenue Policy)/Official Spokesperson FBR
Sep 03, 2015
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