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Updation of Web Portal as per SRO 978(I)/2013

FBR has clarified that the FBR Web Portal has been updated on 18-11-2013 in the light of SRO 978(I)/2013 dated 13-11-2013 and is accepting returns of income for the Tax Year 2013 without Wealth Statement, in those cases of individuals whose last declared or assessed income or the declared income for the year is less than Rs. one million.

Web Portal is also accepting statements u/s 115(4) for the Tax Year 2013 without Wealth Statement of those individuals who fall under Final Tax Regime (FTR) and have paid Withholding Tax less than Rs. 35,000/-.

For further assistance in filing the returns and statements, the taxpayers can call the Call Centre at 051-111-772-772 which operates round the clock.

Shahid Hussain Asad
Official Spokesman FBR
Nov 19, 2013
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