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State Bank Notifications - Assets Declaration Scheme 2019

S.No. Items Notifications
01. State Bank Procedures  Procedure for Deposit of Tax against Foreign Assets under Assets Declaration Ordinance, 2019 - Updated
Procedure for Repatriation of Foreign Assets held in the form of shares of a Company incorporated in Pakistan, under Assets Declaration (Procedure & Conditions) Rules, 2019
02. Daily Exchange Rates as per State Bank Notification Daily Exchange Rates till 30/06/2020
Old Exchange Rates
03. State Bank – Help regarding SBP Procedure and policy matters
04. National Bank of Pakistan – Help regarding payment methods, correspondent bank accounts (IBAN etc.), transaction status and other operational issues
05. State Bank Contact Details SBP Contact Person Phone
Muhammad Ali Sario 021-32455857
Hina Maqbool 021-32455943
Inzar Gul 021-32455992
Obaid Bin Muslim 021-32455980
S Hasnain Akhtar 021-32455103
Yasir Ayub 021-32455105
Wajahat Gul 021-32455106
Muhammad Waqas 021-32455104
06. National Bank Contact Details NBP Contact Person Phone
Mahmood Akhtar 021-99220589
Gohar Maqsood 021-99220042
Adnan Nazir 021-99220782


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