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Write To Chairman FBR

Write To Chairman FBR

Representation To Chairman FBR Under Section (7) of FBR Act , 2007

Federal Board of Revenue aims at strengthening its revenue services through maximum facilitation to the taxpayers. It has made a special arrangement to directly receive representations U/S 7 of the FBR Act, 2007. The aggrieved persons are given the facility to submit advance copy of their representation online, if they prefer so. Subsequently a hard copy of representation along with the supporting documents may be sent to the Board.

Under the aforesaid arrangement, any person can make representation to the Chairman FBR, for redressal of grievance caused by the factors such as below:

  1. any action done or taken for the enforcement of the fiscal laws, or
  2. any notification issued by the Federal Government, or
  3. any act of maladministration, corruption and misbehavior by any employee or officer of the Board,
  4. any unnecessary delay or hardship caused due to any administrative process.

Section 7 of the FBR Act 2007, shall not apply to the applications where remedy is available in any existing law. This section provides administrative remedy to such grievances that cannot be redressed through any appellate forum.

The representation (along with annexures) in the form of hard copy may be forwarded at the following address:

        Chairman FBR,
        3rd Floor FBR House,
        Constitution Avenue, G-5, Islamabad.

The Member Public Relations has been delegated the powers of section 7 of FBR Act,2007.

        Member Public Relations,
        3rd Floor, Room No 312, FBR House,
        Constitution Avenue, G-5, Islamabad.
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