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Organizational KPIs

Organizational KPIs

KPI -1: Revenue Target Performance

1) Percentage of target achieved viz-a-viz assigned target

2) Breakdown of tax receipts by tax instruments

a) Income Tax

b) Sales Tax

c) Federal Excise Duty

d) Customs Duty

e) Other (WWF, CVT, etc.)

3) Breakdown of tax receipts by segments

a) Corporate tax receipts

b) AOP's tax receipts

c) Individuals/Commercial receipts

4) Breakdown of tax receipts by geography

a) Tax Office Wise

5) Number of new taxpayers registered

a) Tax office wise

b) Percentage increase

c) Percentage of total population

6) Number of Active taxpayers by tax instruments

a) Income Tax registered taxpayers

b) Sales Tax registered taxpayers

KPI -2: Level of Automation

1) Percentage of processes that are completely automated

2) Percentage of processes that are re-designed for efficiency

3) Number of IT systems developed, equipped and launched

4) No. of online facilities like mobile application introduced

5) Number of initiatives taken for reducing dwell time at ports.

KPI – 3: Taxpayer’s Facilitation

1) Percentage of taxpayers reporting satisfaction with point of contact services

2) Percentage time reduction in filing of tax returns

3) Percentage of refund claims processed through IT systems developed by FBR

4) Percentage improvement in Paying Taxes Indicator

5) Percentage reduction in average time required to process Income Tax and Sales Tax refunds

6) Percentage reduction in physical examination to facilitate trade across borders.

7) Percentage increase in post clearance audit

8) Number of processes automated to strengthen Risk Management System (RMS) for Facilitating Trade

9) Number of taxpayers representation disposed off during fiscal year by Audit Wing

KPI – 4: Integration of FBR with other revenue agencies & departments

1) Number of functional data bridges established with provincial revenue agencies and other state departments across nation

2) Number of data generating processes initiated with other agencies

3) Integration of third party databases inflowing data into IRS system

4) Percentage of POS system integrated in each region/province

5) Percentage of designated imports and domestic production track and traced.

KPI -5: Revenue Laws Simplification

1) Number of Withholding Lines reduced during the Fiscal Year

2) Number of tariff lines rationalized during Fiscal Year

KPI -6: Risk Based Audit Conducted by FBR

1) Number of cases selected by FBR through random balloting

2) Percentage of Risk Based Audits Completed during the Fiscal Year

3) Monthly evaluation of performance reports in respect of audit cases

a. u/s 214C of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001

b. u/s 72B of Sales Tax Act, 1990

c. u/s 42B of Federal Excise Act, 2005

KPI -7: Formulation of National Tax / Customs Policy

1) Execution and successful implementation of Annual budgetary proposals related to Customs/Inland Revenue Laws, Rules, procedures and allied laws.

2) Number of tax treaties executed with foreign countries in order to facilitate investment

KPI -8: FBR Outreach & Human Resource Development

1) Number of field projects completed during the Fiscal Year

2) Number of officers sent abroad for official trainings during the Fiscal Year

3) Number of cases in which disciplinary action under E&D Rules, 1973 has been taken during the year

4) Number of reward cases processed under Reward Rules

5) Number of media campaigns launched for taxpayers facilitation

6) Number of taxpayers complaints redressed during the year

KPI-9: FBR Representation before various Legal forums

1) Representation of cases where FBR(HQ) is the sole respondent at Supreme Court/High Courts or FTO.

2) Individual performance appraisal of each Panel Advocate & Special Public Prosecutors through devised SOP on yearly basis

KPI -10: Implementation of Public Account Committee (PAC) directives

1) Preparation and timely submission of Working Paper in PAC for the settlement of Audit Paras.

2) Timely dissemination of PAC directives among field formations for completing the requisite actions.

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